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Accountability, Economic Opportunity & Quality of Life

Accountable Government that Nutures Local Wealth:
Sam Huang will...

Reduce government waste

Implement efficient and wise targeted expenditures

Provide quality services that are relevant, convenient and beneficial to the public

Speak for the public’s best interests, and respond to concerns and complaints

NOT RAISE TAXES – When people have more money to spend and invest the economy grows & jobs are created. Economic growth results in more revenue.

Promote Economic Opportunity and Prosperity:
Sam Huang will support policies that -

Attract business and investment

Reduce red tape

Improve infrastructure

Advance technology development

NOT RAISE SALES TAX – high sales tax kills business

Ensure Quality of Life:

Sam Huang will...

Enhance our library services

Promote arts and cultural activities

Preserve green areas

Protect our environment

Fund postponed parks, safety facilities and museums

NOT RAISE PROPERTY TAX – high property tax devalues the property, forces people to give up homes and results in less revenue

Sam Huang Pledges To Work For Your Best Interests

Limit government power: Protect personal liberty and keep the wealth within the people. NO TAX HIKE

Prioritized Responsive Spending: No more wasteful spending. Prioritized funding for basic infrastructures, libraries, parks, safety facilities, and museums

Remove dependency by empowerment: Provide job training & emergency help; approve ‘no free money’ to unjustified courses

Promote business & investment: Reduce red tape and fee schedules, improve infrastructure, adopt advanced technology

Enhance library services & other public facilities: Support fine arts, cultural, recreational, and educational activities

Repeal grocery/food tax: This unnecessary tax hits Chandler’s lowest income residents the hardest

Finish road construction on time: Prolonged road construction wastes tax money, hurts businesses, and damages the quality of life

Place removable shading over public swimming pools: Reduce children’s risk of developing skin cancer 10 years later

Establish single window service information centers: A service center that integrates all city services in one location with a knowledgeable staff to provide all necessary forms and needed information

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