Sam’s Bio


- Forward Thinking & Problem Solver
- Identify New Concerns before They Become Major Issues
- Dedicated American Citizen (Born & Raised in Taiwan)
- Devoted Family Man (Yes, I changed diapers )
- Ph.D. in Educational Leadership, SUNY Buffalo
- Educator · High School Principal · Education Researcher
- Military Veteran ·  Successful Journalist · Industrious Entrepreneur
- Chandler Museums Advisory Board - Board Member
- Chandler Kiwanis International - Board Member
- Chandler Chamber of Commerce - Member
- Arizona Chinese Chamber of Commerce - Member
- Arizona Asian American Association - Membership Director
- Phoenix Asian American Lions Club - Founding Member


- Ph.D. Educational Leadership & Policy, State University of New York at Buffalo
- Certificate: Middle education, National Taiwan Normal University
- B.A. English Literature, Tamkang University (Taiwan)

Professional Experience:

- Reporter & editor for the "Monetary Arts" (magazine similar to Forbes or Money)
- School teacher
- Small business owner
- Education researcher
- Education commentator
- School principal

Political Experience:

- Campaign assistant for four separate congressional candidates (Taiwan)
- Executive Director for the "Democratic Progressive Party's SanChung City Branch" (population over 400,000)
- Campaign manager for Green Party (Buffalo, New York)

Sam's Story

Sam was born and raised in Taiwan. Sam was the first born of six children in the family. Before he entered the third grade, the Huang family moved from rural Yunlin to urban Taipei and soon faced a financial hardship. Sam had once lived two months without a parent and been humiliated at school because his dirty clothes and smelly socks.

The Huang family moved a lot. Each time they moved, Sam’s father ensured it was located within walking distance to the school. The Huang family was finally on their feet before Sam graduated from his fourth elementary school. Sam had always stayed on the top of his class in every school he attended. Sam’s father became a well respected doctor of Chinese Medicine and community leader.

After served two years in the military and graduating from college, Sam became a journalist for the Monetary Arts, a magazine similar to Forbes or Money. Within four months he was promoted to director of the magazine’s Economy and Politics Research Center.

Despite a promising career in journalism, the passion in education drove Sam to pursuit a teaching career and he became a junior high school teacher. At the same time his articles were regularly seen at Taiwan’s best known educational reform magazine, Ren-Ben Education Notes, and he had been called to serve as a commentator at various education forums and testified before the Congress in Taiwan.

In early 1990s Taiwan’s society had fully embraced the value of democracy and liberty, yet many outdated laws and regulations were still impaired creativity and freedom. Sam joined the forces of reform and soon became a rising star in local politics. In March 1993, he was appointed as the Executive Director for the Democratic Progressive Party’s strongest local branch in SanChung, a city of over 400,000 residents in Taipei.

Earlier in 1991 during his visit to China, Sam met a wonderful dental school student. They were soon engaged. Taiwan laws then forbade a Chinese spouse from entering Taiwan for the first two years of marriage. In order to stay together, Sam decided to apply for graduate studies in education in the USA. In summer 1993, when his fiancée graduated, the couple married in China and fled to the USA together with their savings. The plan was for Sam to obtain a master’s degree within two years and return to Taiwan to continue his career.

While in the US, Sam’s wife decided to continue her career in dentistry. To show support, and in order to stay in the US legally, Sam continued his doctoral studies at the State University of New York at Buffalo. However, Sam’s wife’s foreign credential did not allow her to practice dentistry in the US. The only way was to re-enter the dental school and obtain another D.D.S. degree.

Nevertheless, dental schools in the US did not accept international students. So she became a Masters’ student in Oral Biology and also worked at the laboratory for two years, an oral science researcher on campus for five years and finally obtained the permanent resident status in 2001. She then passed the New York State board exam, entered the dental school, finished the four years program within three years and graduated at the top of her class in 2005.

Sam’s two sons were born in 1995 and 1999 respectively.

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