My Letter to the Community

        I believe that quality of life, personal liberty and the pursuit of happiness are inalienable Rights. A City Government that demonstrates those principles and rights is accountable to the community.

        An accountable government should tax less and deliver better services through efficient and progressive management. Economic opportunity is within the community, not outside of it. Quality of life comes by honoring each other, and our similar needs for services that meet the demands of Chandler's citizenry.

        We are a community. Together, collaboratively, we can become a smarter city and continue to lead the Valley into a better future. A visionary leader who can identify and eliminate wasteful activities can redirect resources for better purposes. Please note that every prosperous civilization that has fallen had two symptoms combined: high taxes and diminished services. Keeping taxes low leaves more for the community commerce, investments in economic opportunity and job growth. This is why I can assure you that as an elected official I would NEVER RAISE TAXES.

        I earned a Ph.D. in educational leadership from the State University of New York at Buffalo in 2004. While in school I also supported my wife's continuing education, career pursuit and raising our two sons. We had a tough time initially, covering the financial needs for schools and raising a family. I learned the value of efficiency in one''s life, from changing 99% of the diapers to managing my professional career.

       Born and raised in Taiwan, becoming a US citizen was a dream come true. Now I want to serve my community, returning the riches of experience and learning. The Chandler reporter for the AZ Republic called me the ''underdog'' in this campaign which no doubt brings to mind an old American cartoon. I do not wish to be seen this way as I feel driven, yet humble in my service to the people. I will serve this community beyond expectation, bringing the minority population together as Chandler's first Asian City Council Member and strengthen the already well-developed community relationships across the Valley and around the world. I am the best candidate for the next phase of Chandler's growth, capitalizing on diversity and meeting the challenges of creating a smarter city. I have that visionary leadership ability. I know with your vote and my election to Chandler City Council I'll be able to prove it.

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